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How Not To Pick A DJ
Brides and grooms always use a few of these methods below to choose their DJ, in an attempt to make the most rational choice. The problem is, they're obviously inexperienced in hiring a DJ for a wedding, so DJs take this to their advantage. After seeing so many couples end up with terrible results and getting burned due to using these methods, I thought I should point out some of their inherent flaws. Use this information below as a shortcut, so you don't unproductively waste your time or worse yet get burned.

You will see "Awards" posted by DJs on their website. These are given out by the wedding websites that these DJs have payed to be on. Everyone gets an award. If you pay for advertising, you get an award to show off. It's quite the joke. DJs love to tout their "awards" they claim they have been bestowed, because supposedly they are such a great DJ. A bit misleading, but brides and grooms don't know it. I don't post awards for this reason.

Star Rated Reviews
Brides and grooms have no idea of how reviews on wedding websites work. How they work is that the wedding sites that are "pay for" advertising won't allow a review to post if they are below a certain star rating. Some of these sites allow no review to show up that is under a five star rating and some nothing under a four star rating. So reviews with low star ratings just won't appear. Why is this? Those DJs advertising on these sites are paying a lot of money to be on these wedding website in order to get business. If these sites allowed low star ratings, the DJ company would quit advertising with them. What do I mean by spend a lot of money: for the last ten years I've paid $800 to $1400 per month to be on wedding sites, just so brides and grooms are able to find me.

Reviews Real or Fake
There are many ways to subvert the measures put in place to keep fake reviews from being posted, where DJs post their own positive reviews or have others do it for them. No matter how much a wedding site attempts to keep this from occurring, I've still heard quite a few DJs talk about posting their own reviews online. I know it's more common than what you would think. The fact is, there is no real way to know for sure whether reviews are real or a fake. Using this as a significant measure of what you will get if you hire a DJ can be very risky. It will sway you into a false since of security and make you wrongly believe you're making a wise choice.

Feeling Like You "Click"
Some couples get confused and think that if they have a meeting with a DJ they can see if they “click," have a "fitting personality,” or some similarly ineffective concept, as if they’re going to be hanging out with their DJ at their wedding.   Wedding Secret: The DJ does not hang out with the bride and groom at their wedding.  If the DJ’s hanging out with the bride and groom at their wedding that would mean he’s not doing his job, and that in fact would be a problem.  What the bride and groom needs is a DJ that’s dependable, knows what he’s doing, does the job and does it right, and not someone to hang out with or who they think they "click" with.  

The Salesmen DJ
Wedding Secret:  A good salesman will always leave the impression that you click or have a fitting personality when you meet them and make no mistake, when a DJ has a meeting his number one objective is to sell you his service. He’s not there to inform you if he’s not dependable, blows the coordination, often plays the wrong music, or some other serious way of ruining weddings.  I personally know DJs that push for meetings with couples, because they know from experience that when they use their charm and salesmanship ability they can win them over.  It’s very effective for them and clever, since it’s how they get couples to overlook or not think about other problem issues they may end up having with him.

Friend Used Him Said He's Great
Friends and acquaintances like to be helpful and mean well, so they often will recommend a DJ they used. Problem is, I hope they've been married twenty times or more, so they have a least some idea of what they're really talking about. If not, they really have no idea of what is a bad, an ok, or a great DJ and the difference that can make. They may mean well, but they really don't know jack, since they only did it once. I would call this far from being an expert on the issue. Plus they do not know the DJs consistency over time with dependably and quality. Maybe he does one out of ten weddings well and rest are a mess.

Level of Consistency
Maybe this recommend DJ often sends out other DJs to do some of the work he's books, but your friend happened to get him this time around. Maybe one out of five weddings he works, he ends up showing up late. Maybe every few wedding's he shows up hungover and doesn't function well. Maybe on one out of ten weddings he books, he ends up canceling on brides and grooms the day before because he got an offer to go to a concert, a ball game, Vegas, or something else a lot more fun than working. Maybe half the weddings he does, he ends up going off and playing music the bride and groom said not to play. Do you know the level of "consistency" in his work? Do you really know what you will get from this DJ? The answer is; no you don't.

Good References
Because of the many risky ways DJ businesses are run, which you will read about later, it’s common for DJs to have a certain percentage of couples very upset from the work they do and a certain percentage relatively happy with their work. So this still leaves DJs enough good references to give out, but doesn’t it occur to people that these are the only references that DJs will give out?  If you use references as a measure of quality or dependability, you are using an unreliable and small biased sample which will fool you into believing you're making a wise choice, when in fact it's doing just the opposite. Because of this and because I don't feel it's appropriate to bother past client brides and grooms into expending their limited time and energy for something as useless as this, it would be inappropriate for me to hand out their contact information as a refrence.  

The Demo Video 
In an attempt to sell their service, some DJs want you to watch their video of edited and hand picked clips. This doesn’t show any level of consistency in anything the DJ does; looks can be deceiving. Don’t let a video dazzle you and end up forgetting about the other more crucial information.  Doesn’t it ever occur to people that this DJ may had been an hour late to this wedding, or that the music heard in the video were songs the couple had on their no-play list, or that this DJ booked two weddings for the same time, and then sent a DJ in training to the other unsuspecting couples wedding? Through the years I’ve seen many DJs of poor quality and dependability put out attractive videos as bait in order to hook couples. 

Recommended by Venue
Many venue or location managers meet DJs they like, such as myself, and for absolutely no other reason start recommending them.  It’s possible the venue manager might know that a few couples were happy with the DJ, but that’s it.  You’re 100% better off relying on your own judgement and not using this type of recommendation, because I’ve found it gives a false since of security on how good a DJ really is. 

Really Great Fee
Question: Are brides and grooms such experts about DJs, that they really know how much of their budget to allocate to this part of their wedding? The answer of course is; no they are not. They have no idea of what they're doing, so brides and grooms will just call around and collect rates of DJs. The only thing this can tell them is where a DJ is on the sliding scale of quality and dependability, because the lower the rate the lower the amount of service, quality, and dependability they will get; period. Any DJ can do less and put less into their work, and in turn charge less. The lower you go on the fee, the higher your chance of getting your wedding ruined and getting burned, and this is why other DJs will not guarantee their work. They know that they are leaving many things to chance and many things at risk, since they are not putting everything needed into their service to make it 100% solid and bulletproof, but brides and grooms don't realize this. You must understand that this is the one single area where, "you really will get what you pay for", either way you go up or down on the scale.

Has Worked Often At Your Venue
Some brides and grooms surprisingly use this as part of the decision on who will be their DJ. Whether a DJ has performed at a venue one time or 100 times, it really doesn’t matter. A DJ can work the same venue every week and still ruin every so many of those weddings one way or another, and you would never know it. Using this as part of your decision is not effective in any way and will only serve to give you a false sense of security. I guarantee you will love my work no matter where your wedding. This is not a factor that should be given any weight in the decision process, otherwise you are using something truly irrelevant as a measure, but couples don't realize this.

What Is A Bride and Groom To Do?
All these methods listed above on how brides and grooms pick their DJ actually cause couples to make calculated misjudgment of hiring a DJ that ends up being nothing like they were expecting or at the least, they take a big risk with their wedding from using these methods. It only takes one time of a serious mistake from poor quality or poor dependability to destroy your "one in a lifetime" wedding, and these methods above do not show or guarantee you consistency of quality and dependability, which is key.   Only I offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee that will give you the peace of mind and assurance that you are in fact making the right decision and not risking ruining your wedding.
Why Getting The Best DJ You Can Find Is Critical
More than anything else, your DJ will have the most impact either negatively or positively on your wedding, since it's the one part of your wedding that encompasses the whole timeline; from cocktail hour until the your last dance, and even the ceremony if you choose. Your DJ will be running and directing your reception, and affecting the overall ambiance and style of your wedding with the music and announcing. Everything else only effects small areas of your wedding, which means they will have minimal consequences.

Obviously since people don't go around getting married every day, brides and grooms always miscalculate the impact their DJ is going to have and greatly under prioritize their DJ and underfund this area in their budget. This is how weddings get ruined.

If your DJ is not that good:
Looking back at your photos that your photographer took will only be a harsh reminder of how upset you were from things that your DJ did or didn't do that day.

If your DJ is not that good:
An open bar isn’t going to fix your wedding and won't be so much enjoyment for your guests if the wedding overall sucks because the DJ was a "no show" or did show up but played all the wrong music and acted like a jerk or a geek.

If your DJ is not that good:
The food which everyone eats everyday anyway will not fix the damage, no matter what your serving or how tasty it is, and dining only lasts an hour at the most anyway.

If your DJ is not that good:
Having a trendy photo booth or something similar sitting in the corner of your reception will not make up not having the best DJ.

If your DJ is not that good:
No matter how beautiful your flowers and no matter how pretty or tasty your cake, it won't make up for the damage a DJ can do.

It may look easy, but people don't realize that DJing a wedding is extremely hard work, it's extremely stressful work, it's always very time consuming overall, it's extremely costly because of all the professional equipment and other business expenses incurred, and it's extremely exhausting if it's to be done correctly. DJing a wedding and doing it right is no easy task and as you will see in the next sections, you're hiring someone to do a very BIG and IMPORTANT job, so don't take this part lightly.

Most Likely Way Your Wedding Will Get Ruined
This may sound like a strange question, but do you want to hire a DJ that will not end up DJing your wedding, but instead will send an inexperienced DJ out to your wedding? Probably not, but this is what happens to brides and grooms all the time. Approximately 98% of all DJs book multiple weddings for the same date and then subcontract other people to go out and DJ some of the weddings.

The reason the 98% of the DJs do this, is because it is the "industrywide standard practice" for making the most money per year in the DJ business. The more weddings DJs book per day, the lower the fee they can charge for each wedding, and the more brides and grooms will book with them because of the low fee. So basically, they do this because the more weddings per day, equals to more paychecks they collect per day.

There are some DJs that tell couples upfront before booking, that they will be sending a different DJ out to their wedding. But then there are DJs that wait until the day before a bride's and groom's wedding day to say they're sick, but that he will be sending out his best DJ to cover for him, when in fact he's not really sick at all and just DJing another wedding. And then there are the DJs that advertise as though they DJ all the weddings themselves and keep it a secret that they do in fact subcontract out weddings to other DJs, where some brides and grooms end up with an unwelcome surprise at their wedding that they've been taken advantage off.

Brides and grooms often don't realize this is happening to them until it's too late. And asking a DJ if they do this doesn't usually help, since few DJs will tell brides or grooms what they are really doing since they're not about to pass up on the money.

Even when a DJ has his name and signature on a contract showing he will be your DJ, he just uses an excuse like a family emergency came up or that he's sick, and that he's going to take care of you by sending out his best DJ to fill in for him. They always say it's their "best DJ" no matter who they send out. Just realize too, that the person being sent out is getting paid at most, only 1/2 of what you had paid for your DJ.

I'm different because if you book with me, you get me as your DJ; period. I won't let the way the DJ industry operates effect what I consider to be an obligation to offer only the best quality and 100% reliability that's absolutely necessary for a wedding.  Even though this means that I cannot make as large of income per year as other DJs, then so be it. Neither you or your wedding will be treated as just another number with me.  I treat all couples that hire me with the same fairness, level of respect, and care that I treat my best friends. 
What if Your DJ Cancels The Day Before Your Wedding
Brides and grooms reserve their wedding date with their DJ in advance; some times many months in advance. So it’s very possible then, that whoever you hire as your DJ for your wedding will hopefully turn down other things or invitations that come up later that land on your wedding date.

For instance, I've had to turn down many friend’s and family member’s weddings because they invited me too their wedding too late, I've missed six funerals of friends and family members, well over 300 BBQs, birthdays, and other get togethers. I’ve turned down an incredible number of invitations for trips, vacations, ball games, concerts, ski trips, camping, and other things just because I already had a wedding booked on that weekend or date. Unfortunately for me, this isn’t like a normal job, I can’t just cancel on someone just because I get an invitation from a friend or family member to do something or something else comes up.

Do you think other DJs are this reliable, ethical, and caring? Don't count on it. I get calls all the time from panicked brides and grooms who's DJ just canceled on them, with their wedding in just a day or two. I can confirm from all the calls I get, other DJs cancel on brides and grooms all the time, so this can happen to you. They will cancel on you if they get an invitation from a friend because there's an extra ticket to a ball game or a concert they want to go to. If they find out that everyone else is going to Vegas for the weekend. If a last minute invite to a BBQ, birthday, or some other fun event comes up. Don't forget, other DJs have this work as their side job and they have other DJs they subcontract out to send to weddings and events they are making money off of. If they feel like canceling on a you in order to do something more fun than working your wedding, they will have no problem canceling on you. They already have money coming in from other things.

On this same point of canceling, there are also quite a few DJs that jump from one wedding to the next. If they have a wedding booked on a particular date, but are able to book another bride and groom at a higher rate for that same date, they will then just cancel on the first bride and groom and take the higher paying wedding.

One major factor that increases your odds of getting canceled on, is if you’re not paying a whole lot for your DJ. Your DJ will not feel they are loosing out on that much if they cancel on you to do something else more fun than working your wedding that day. Or if they find a wedding that pays more than your's, they might just take it and cancel on you. Scary I know, but this stuff happens.

You’ll be happy to know that I've never cancelled and would never cancel on a bride and groom like other DJs do, so unlike other DJs you will not have to fear being cancelled on at the last minute and have your wedding day ruined.
The Animated Cheesy Voice & Hamming It Up
If you think it's easy to tell ahead of time what your DJ is going to end up acting and sounding like at your wedding, you would be wrong. DJs easily convince brides and grooms that they are the cool classy DJ and not at all tacky or cheesy. Before brides and grooms book them they often come across as well behaved and even professional acting, but then surprise couples on their wedding day by acting completely different.

DJs believe to be a great DJ they must put on a show and entertain your guests. One of the ways they do this is by announcing using a hyped-up animated voice and say things that they think will make them come across as fun, funny, and exciting. It's a lot like having a clownish figure running your wedding day. Even though s
ome DJs start out receptions acting and sounding somewhat normal, as the reception progresses the way they act and sound moves into the hyped-up cheesy animated DJ style. So even seeing a video of them announcing a couple of reception steps in a tasteful way, will not keep you from running into this problem.

There are two reasons why this is the norm

First Reason
Even though DJs make their website look like they only DJ weddings, they still DJ all types of events. They DJ birthday, BBQs, company parties and picnics, night clubs, and school dances. When they DJ those types of events, it's great that they sound this way, so it's clearly acceptable. The problem is that they end up also acting and sounding this same way at weddings. This is just what they are used to.

Second Reason
What attracts 99% of the people to want to be a DJ is their want to be seen and heard. These type of people often become actors or DJs, which in these careers is normally ok. But as a DJ at a wedding, they surprise the bride and groom by hamming-it-up, acting like the star of the show, and overpowering the reception.

With me as your DJ you will not run into this problem, because unlike other DJs, I only DJ weddings. You will be happy with the way I will run your wedding reception by coordinating, directing, announcing, and guiding, but with no hamming-it-up or acting as some kind of clown as other DJs do. I use no shock jock fake voice as other DJs. I offer an alternative style of announcing that is wedding appropriate and tasteful, and I use my natural resonant voice that comes across as warm and professional.

Will Your DJ Shows Up Late To Your Wedding?
Brides and grooms don't realize that it's an industrywide practice for DJs to work two weddings per day if they can get two lined up. How it works is that most wedding venues like hotels and resorts have morning noon luncheon wedding receptions and then later evening dinner wedding receptions.  This gives DJs the opportunity to work two weddings per day, so they do.

Every DJ I have ever known works two weddings per day, but very few of them will admit it to brides and grooms. I've actually have had DJs tell me, "I don't tell brides and grooms, since they would get too worried."

DJs love doing two weddings per day because they get two paychecks, so this allows them to keep their rates at the going competitive rate, which makes it easy for them to get more booking. Many brides and grooms won't consider paying any more than this standard going rate. But brides and grooms are getting this low standard rate at the risk of getting their wedding ruined. It's not a very good deal when you look at it that way.

DJs doing two weddings can be a big problem, because with limited time between the two DJs might end up arriving late to the second wedding from delays like traffic or vehicle break down.  Also, they sometimes have to cut-out extra early from the first wedding in order to try to make it to the second wedding in time. DJs leave these brides and grooms that had the first wedding mad as to why their DJ stopped the music early and left their wedding before they wanted him to. Another negative effect of this is that working two weddings per day is exhausting, so at the second wedding DJs are known to not do too well.

I'm the only DJ I know that will not under any circumstance work two weddings per day.  I know if you hire me you will be depending on me to pull through for you or your wedding could be ruined. I may have to charge a little more per wedding, since I'm not getting two paychecks that day. Even charging a little more, I still end up making a lot less than these other DJs per day. Being ethical unfortunately doesn't always pay, but it's my nature to be ethical and to treat others fairly.
How To Make Sure You Get The Music You Want
As you can see, there are many ways DJs can ruin a wedding, but the most common or #1 winner in this realm are DJs playing music they were asked by brides and grooms not to play. Brides and grooms tell me that they even gave their DJ a do-not-play list, but he ended up played some or a lot of those songs too. They say no matter how much they demanded that their DJ stop playing a certain type of music, after a while he just kept going back to playing the music they didn't want.

It's not uncommon for the person telling me this to say that their DJ even came with good references, did their friends wedding, was recommended by their venue, promised he would stick to just their selections, or something similar. If you remember back to the section above "How Not To Hire Your DJ", I explain how using these methods often backfire.

First Reason

Just know that even though other DJs often have their website looking like they're a just wedding DJ, they still play for all other types of events like birthdays, BBQs, company parties, dance clubs, and school dances. When DJs work these types of events they have the latitude to play whatever music their little heart desires, so that is just what they often end up doing at weddings. You just can't control this.

Second Reason
DJs drink when they DJ. Guys that I never thought in a million years would be the type to drink while working as a DJ, still do. Some have told me, "I need a few drinks because it take the edge off and loosens me up," thinking it makes them a better DJ and easier to speak over the microphone.  And some have told me, “hey it’s the weekend and it’s a party, why shouldn’t I have fun too?“   Some DJs even bring a flask full of alcohol to pour into sodas, while others drink directly from the bar or ask guests to bring them drinks from the bar in an exchange for playing their requests. It’s fine if guests drink, but if a DJ drinks his good judgment on what music to play is effected.

With Me You Will Get The Right Music!

I have a 100% money back guarantee that you will get the music you want and not experience this issue with me as your DJ. Having me as your DJ on your wedding day is the only way I know for sure that you will get the music you want played at your wedding. I know how important this is to you.

Every single time I have ever DJed, it has been a weddings - all 25 plus years. So the music I play has always been music that was custom designed around a particular bride and groom. I don't get out of the habit of managing and stylizing the music this way, since I don't DJ other non-wedding events as other DJs do.

I am a professional with weddings, so I don't need drink in order to loosen up to be good at what I do. I don't need a drink in order to feel comfortable in order to speak over the microphone. This is my one and only profession, it's not my time to go out and party like other DJs who have main weekday professions and use DJing as extra income. I need to be fully 100% cognizant of everything every song I'm playing, and just one drink can throw that off.

Your wedding is my priority and I have the specialization and the discipline to make it the best it possibly can be, with the music you two want.
I will play your selections and stay within the styles and genres of music you've selected and accurately follow your ideas.

The Insane Things DJs Do Over Their Mic
Few brides and groom realize that DJs are known to say cheesy cliche's, bad jokes, and even use obscene language over their microphone at weddings. People have told me hundreds of things that DJs have said over their microphone at weddings that are so bad and inappropriate you would be shocked. When DJs do this they think they are just being fun or funny, so they think it's acceptable. No one hires their DJ thinking that this could ever happen to them, so if you think you are unique and have a handle on this somehow, I can tell you that you are not immune to having this happen at your wedding.

It's the norm for DJs to drink when they work. This can lead to many disastrous problems such as this. DJs that I thought would never in a million years would drink while working, still do. Why do they drink? Well after a few drinks they feel less anxiety when talking in public over their microphone, and they feel it loosens them up and makes them a better DJ and more fun. Also other DJs have a main weekday job, so when they DJ it's their time off from their main job, and time to party and blow off some steam. I've heard DJs say, "Hey it's the weekend and if everyone else is having a good time and able to drink, why shouldn't I?"

Since I only DJ weddings, I know cheesy cliches, bad jokes, and obscene language are not the things that brides and grooms want to have said over the mic at their wedding. Another thing that is completely out of the question for me, is drinking. I don't drink when I'm working, so nothing unexpected like this could possibly slip out of my mouth. This is my profession; I don't have some other weekday job like other DJs, so I take what I do seriously. It's not my party time, it's my work time. I even have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee to assure brides and grooms that with me as their DJ, something like this is not going to happen at their wedding.

When I'm busy working a wedding I have to be "100% ON", since I'm multitasking like crazy until the last song is played, so I must keep fully on top of what I'm doing and be fully aware of everything said over the microphone. Unlike other DJs, you will really love the way I handle all your announcements with good taste.
Beware Of The DJs Offering Gifts
As you can see from the unethical ways DJs operate, DJs are extremely competitive in making money. That's why you see DJs using so many different deceptive tactics to get hired. To me it's not competitive at all, simply because I offer a totally different type of service, something that no one else provides.

Another deceptive thing DJs do to get hired is to offer up other things than just DJing, in order to dazzle or incentivize brides and grooms into hiring them. They range anywhere from offering dance floor light shows, up-lighting for the venue, projection systems for video photo montages, live music like guitarist or violinist, and combo packages where you get a DJ and photographer. If a DJ is not that good of a DJ to get hired just as a DJ without having to offer other things such as this, then they're definitely not a good DJ.

DJs know that these things can cause brides and grooms to overlook or ignore other problem issues, things I've mentioned on other prior sections of this page. And it usually works! Brides and grooms end up overlooking the main reason what they wanted in the first place, which was to hire a quality dependable DJ for their wedding that they can count on.

I don't tout these gimmicks as deal sweeteners in order to dazzle or incentivize brides and grooms into hiring me. Brides and grooms hire me over other DJs because I provide them with a remarkably dependable, quality wedding DJ service with truly professional results, what other DJs do not offer.

I don't offer any other added services, but I can provide lighting. As you know, DJing is my main thing and lighting is not, so my lighting is somewhat moderate. I charge a small fee for lighting if someone feels they must have lighting. If a couple want's more of an extreme level of lighting, they should not just hire one of these unethical and deceptive DJs just for that. They instead can still hire me as their DJ and hire someone else to do the lighting, since there are a multitude of event lighting companies that specialize in lighting for events and weddings. This way they can get the best of both worlds.
Brides & Grooms Don't Realize....
The reality is that all DJs after DJing their first few wedding start to realize how impossible it is to make any kind of halfway decent profit after all the extreme overhead costs and actual numbers of hours worked, so they give in and go the unethical route to make at least some kind of profit.

All this happens just because of one thing, brides and grooms have no idea how extremely high the cost of overhead to run a DJ business is, the high number of hours a DJ must put in behind the scene to do his job and do it right, and how difficult or hard it really is to do this work. It gets to where by the time a DJ is done doing a wedding, they realize they have just worked and made practically nothing for their time. So the list below is what DJs end up doing and thus what the average going DJ fee is based on.

This is what brides and grooms don't realize:

Brides and grooms don't realize that the fee for a DJ is set by DJs sending out other inexperienced and low quality DJs to many of the weddings they've booked. The DJ that runs the company is getting payed multiple times per day.

Result: DJs end up making their income from operating a low quality low dependability wedding mill. You don't want to know some of the serous damage that happens when when you get a subcontracted DJ.

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average DJ fee is really set by what a fee should be for a High School Dance, not a wedding where quality and dependably is critically necessary for a couples one-in-a-lifetime wedding day, so that things go right.

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average fee for a DJ is set by DJs booking and working two wedding in one day, where DJs get paid two times for the same day. This brings the average going fee down, but in the process destroys any chance of getting dependability and quality.

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average fee for a DJ is set by DJs that have low quality sound equipment and microphones, and not replacing equipment when it should be replaced. This negatively effects the sound quality, and/or dependability, and/or ascetics.

Result: Unreliable and/or poor quality of sound and/or scratched and banged up junky looking equipment. All rustling in poor quality sounding music and microphones.

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average fee for a DJ is set by DJs having a weekday career and doing DJ work for extra income.

Result: This leaves your DJs tired on the weekend, more likely to drink at the weddings since it's time off from their main job, low level of caring how the wedding goes well since it's side work only, and a much more likely chance of the DJ canceling since they already have a paycheck from their main job,

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average fee for a DJ is set by DJs showing up maybe on time for maybe not on time for your wedding. What do I mean? They arrive maybe an hour before your music is to start. They won't arrive any earlier, since they feel like it's a waist of their time since they're not getting paid for it. I arrive minimum four hours before the music starts, and you can't pay another DJ to do this for this, since they won't do this no matter what.

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average fee for a DJ is set by DJs doing what I call wedding hopping. Where they get booked and a low price to fill the date, and then any inquiries for that same date that another bride and groom calls on, the DJ move the rate up in price. So if he books that one at the higher fee, he then cancels on the first bride and groom. And then does it again until he gets the most for that particular date.

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average fee for a DJ is set by what brides and grooms assume it must costs to run a DJ service. If it doesn't cost much to run the service, then the fee should be low. Right? Well brides and grooms think it cost either nothing or very little money in overhead to operate a quality dependable DJ service, when in fact on average the last 10 years it has costs me $1,700 per month. If I didn't spend this much, my business would be low quality and low dependability crap like other DJs.

Example: How much do you think advertising, so that brides and grooms like you can find me, costs per month? Right now with website costs, wedding site portal costs, and SEO costs, I"m paying $890 per month. How about equipment? $725. per month. This is still not factoring in office costs, accounting, gas, clothes, and many other expenses.

Brides and grooms don't realize that the average fee for a DJ is set by what brides and grooms assume how much work and time it takes to DJ weddings and run a quality dependable DJ service for their wedding.

Example 1: Most wedding require two to three sound equipment setups per wedding. How much weight do you think is lifted for one basic DJ setup? From loading the equipment at home to arriving back home and unloading? Here goes: lift equipment and load it up at home into vehicle, lift equipment out of vehicle onto the dolly at wheel equipment into venue, lift equipment off of the dolly and conduct the complete setup of the equipment, wedding ends so break down equipment and lift equipment back onto dolly, wheel equipment out to vehicle and lift equipment off dolly back into vehicle, drive home and lift equipment out of vehicle at home and put it away. That a totals 7x the equipment must be lifted per wedding, not the 2x's like people assume. All the cables, equipment, and everything weighs over 650 lbs. 7 lifts x 650 lbs. = 4,550 lbs of equipment lifted for one basic sound equipment setup.

Example 2: When I'm out working a wedding, it might look really simple and easy because I'm so good at what I do, but believe me perception is deceiving. I put so much time into my work it would make your head spin if you really knew. For one thing this is not just a five day a week job. I still work 30 to 40 hours weekdays running the basics of the business, but then on top of that DJing a wedding on the weekend. There is so much time and work to keeping equipment up, prepping for weddings, organizing music play lists, planning, running the office work, marketing etc. Also, a wedding day is very long for me. I have to drive to my venue, arrive four hours before the music is to start, spend all time it talked to set up all the equipment, and test the equipment and do sound checks, then even after the wedding when your guests have already left, I still have to put in over an hour to break down the equipment and load it all up, then drive home. This makes for an incredibly long day. This is why I don't encourage meetings, because I'm already putting in an incredible amount of hours per week that no one sees and assumes doesn't even exist.

As you can see, there are many assumptions and misconceptions that brides and grooms have that set the stage for what they feel a DJ should cost, leaving DJs to do all these unethical things to accommodate that fee. Yet the fact remains, I don’t run my wedding service like other DJs and that’s only because I care about the brides and grooms that hire me and refuse to treat their wedding as just another number.
Over 20 Years Experience Goes Into Your Wedding
Over twenty years of my life has been spent sacrificing my weekends working late into the night and dedicating myself to this speciality, in order to become the absolute best DJ and MC so that you can have an amazing wedding day.

It really takes that long to get this good at this type of work. Brides and grooms don't realize that there is real intrinsic value to this level of expertise for them and their wedding, so they aren't paying for a set number of hours for a DJ to be at their wedding, they're paying for all the skill, judgment, expertise, professional abilities, and specialization from all those past years of the underlying hard work.

What I can provide is nothing like you would get with any other DJ. Since you've managed to find me, you should take full advantage of what you've found, so that you can be confident in knowing that you will truly have an amazing wedding day.